Basic Alarm Electronics. Toolbox Guides for Security by John Sanger

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Electronic Components and Symbols 23 Paper Capacitors If a higher capacitance is necessary than a mica or ceramic capacitor can provide, paper capacitors can be used. These capacitors are made by placing strips of waxed paper between two long strips of tin foil. 0001 μ¥ to 1 μ¥ and working volt­ ages from 200 to 5,000 volts. Synthetic Film Capacitors Synthetic film can be used in lieu of paper. Such capacitors usually are named for the types of films used. Mylar, polyester and polystyrene are types of synthetic film capacitors.

Table 4— 2 shows the values of the multiples of common measurements used in security electronics. Table 4-2. Value Multiples Unit Ohm's Law Symbol ampere ampere volt volt ohm ohm I I E E R R Multiple Value milliampere (mA) microampere (μΑ) millivolt (mV) microvolt (μ\ί) kilohm (kil) megohm (mO) 1/1,000 ampere 1/1,000,000 ampere 1/1,000 volt 1/1,000,000 volt 1,000 ohms 1,000,000 ohms Milli and micro are common prefixes for amperes and volts. Kilo and mega (or meg) are common for ohms. 5 Other Electronic Formulas A scientific law is a general, verifiable statement describing the behav­ ior of entities or the relationships between phenomena or concepts.

Looking at the flashlight's schematic, you might decide to measure the voltage across the series-connected batteries. 5 volts if its leads are placed across the positive and negative terminals of one battery. 5 volts and the other 0 volts, then one battery is bad. If both are tested and have 0 volts, then both are bad. If you get a 3-volt reading, the batteries are good and the problem lies elsewhere in the circuit. c d _D . MAK€ v \ : / 7 \ . OUTPUT- P^Bv>/RiTT£^t o "ΐοε/ΡΥ / Ό + A ö£f -PA*€ A Figure 3—10.

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