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Roe A . V. ~ "A9763 (0 *B901 to 81390 to BI397 to "83101 to B3251 to * 84201 to B4351 to 88581 to B878 1 to C551 to H DI 60 1 to " D610 It o ** D825 1 to completcd as Avro 504J. A9812 Saunde rs B l OOD A. V. N. S. A. V. Roe 83250 B3300 H umber A. V. Roe 84350 84400 Contraet cancelled B8780 Parnall B8830 Contraet cancelled C750 H umbe r DI 650 East bourne D6250 H umbe r D8300 A. V. Roe " Some completed as Avro 504K. S('rill l Tiln~e 1050 98JO to 9890 to N5179 to N53]9 IOUl to to 981 / 986 1 * N5250 N5310 from :__'"__"_"_"1_'_"_"_"_'_+ __'_'_"_:1'_'_"_"_"___ N5800 *' N60 10 N6 130 N6650 A.

To 5 ft. I ± in. In March 1918 the same set of short span wings was fitted temporarily to B3iSS, a two seater with shortened fuselage and armed with a Lewis gun. p. Le Rhone engined single seat 504Ks for high altitude work with Home Defence Squadrons in the north of England. These had the gravity tank repositioned to port to make way for a Lewis gun on the top centre section, and with front cockpit faired in could reach 18,000 ft. Some were fitted later with a low drag Vee-type undercarriage similar to that of the Avro 521.

E. , East Cowes, Isle of Wight The Sunbeam Motor Car Co. , Wolverhampton Power Plants: (Prototype) 9277, one of the ten Avro 504E biplanes. 67065. ) allocation suggests that six 504Ds were ordered but there is no evidence that they were actually built. Modification on this scale led to a severe weight penalty and additional power had become a dire necessity. S . p. Gnome Monosoupape. G. position caused by installing the main fuel tank between the cockpits was counteracted by reducing the stagger from 24 to 9 in.

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