[Article] A Polymer Neural Probe with Tunable Flexibility by Fredrik Ejserholm, Alexander Vastesson, Tommy Haraldsson,

By Fredrik Ejserholm, Alexander Vastesson, Tommy Haraldsson, Wouter van der Wijngaart, Jens Schouenborg, Lars Wallman, Martin Bengtsson

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The explosion hazard will depend on the oxidation kinetics and dust concentration. Each product has a minimum explosive dust concentration and for food powders this concentration may be as low as 20 g/m3. The concentration of dust in the dryer, cyclone and ducts always exceeds this limit; therefore there is always a danger of ignition and explosion. , 2007 and Mujumdar, 1995). Product deposit buildup in the dryer can provoke ignition if the volume and temperature of deposit promotes thermal runaway © Woodhead Publishing Limited, 2013 Introduction to food powders 21 (Masters, 2002).

5 Approximate surface composition of powder particles of whole milk and skim milk powders (analyzed by XPS) Powders Bulk composition Particle surface coverage Fat Protein Carbohydrate Fat Protein Carbohydrate 24 34 55 12 32 61 10 27 Whole milk powder* 26 Skim milk powder** 1 43 50 * Fyfe et al. (2011), ** Shrestha et al. (2007). © Woodhead Publishing Limited, 2013 14 Handbook of food powders (a) (b) Fig. 6 Effect of protein on the particle surface morphology of a composite mixture (a) maltodextrin powder, (b) maltodextrin+protein (99:1).

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