Arkadien, Band 3: Arkadien fällt by Kai Meyer

By Kai Meyer

Rosa und Alessandro wollen ihre Gefühle füreinander nicht länger verbergen. Doch ihre Liebe bringt die Clans der Gestaltwandler gegen sie auf. Nach einer wilden Jagd durch die Weiten Siziliens erkennt Rosa, wer wirklich hinter dem Komplott gegen sie steckt: Der Hungrige Mann, der Herrscher aller Dynastien, ist zurückgekehrt - und die Welt der Arkadier wird niemals mehr sein wie zuvor.

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Speedy Them (25) Reduces the caster’s (or another’s) time factor by six. They “disappear” to normal time perception and experience 10 minutes of time while the world goes through one hour. They may see stationary objects and people, but someone moving at walking speed would be invisible to the slowed person. , can be very dangerous. , lasts 1 turn Higher levels increase velocity of wind or duration (not both). Caster must specify wind direction while casting the spell. Opposing winds of equal velocity will cancel each other; a stiffer breeze will be partially negated by a lesser one but not completely nullified.

Higher levels may double the duration or the radius. Too-Bad Toxin (7) Cures the effect of any poison and nullifies further effects. Does not heat the wound from weapon/fang that delivered the poison. Vapor Maker (10) Creates high level clouds; they form within five minutes and last three turns. ] Ward Warn (18+) Placed across an opening, on an object, or an area of 10 foot radius with one other spell (which adds its Mystic cost to this); that encapsulated spell will go off on the first being to cross/disturb the warded area.

Use that number to multiply the MR or STR and CON of the creature. The effect lasts for one day. Blink (30) The caster disappears and reappears in the same spot six seconds later. ” This spell can theoretically be cast at higher levels, but it can be suicide to do so. The longer you “hurl,” the wider you frame of reference for your coordinates will become. Thus instead of being positioned relative to the ground at your feet, you may be positioned relative to the mass of the world (regardless of how it has rotated or moved in the meantime), or even relative to the ether (which may long since have swept past the world).

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