Ajs Review, Volume Two, 1977 by Frank (Ed. ) Talmage

By Frank (Ed. ) Talmage

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For over 100 years, the foreign severe remark sequence has held a unique position between works at the Bible. It has sought to collect the entire correct aids to exegesis — linguistic and textual at the very least archaeological, old, literary and theological—with a degree of comprehension and caliber of scholarship unequalled by way of the other sequence.

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Difficulty in regards to the way forward for a democratic society isn't really new. despite the fact that, the dedication to equip younger electorate with the information and abilities to permit them to be vigilant, to do whatever, and to talk up, is. the aim of Citizenship schooling is finally to give a contribution to the continuance and improvement of simply and democratic societies, with vivid and energetic engagement of electorate.

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38 WALTER I. ACKERMAN capableof encompassingthe wide varietyof viewsand activitieswhichwere legitimateexpressionsof Judaism. ""6 The theory of democracypropoundedby Berkson requiredthat the Jewishschool be supplementaryto the publicschool. To supportparochial educationwas to segregatechildrenalong lines of creedand to deny them that opportunityof sharedexperiencewhichalonecouldinsurethat senseof interdependenceand willingnessto cooperatewith otherswhicharethe hallmarks of a democraticsociety. "7The educationof the Jew is perforcethe educationof the American!

89The Talmudical Academy was to become the paradigm for the modern American day school, the unmistakableachievmentof OrthodoxJewrywhichset the standard of intensiveJewisheducationin this country. The new school could be placedon a line which led back to the IsraelitischeRealschulewhich was founded in in 1853 by Samson Raphael Hirsch. Frankfurt-am-Main 88. From the Register of the Rabbinical College of America, 1917, as cited in Klaperman, The Story of Yeshiva University, p. 257. 89. As quoted in Aaron Rothkoff, Bernard Revel: Builder of American Orthodoxy (Philadelphia, 1972), p.

Lists the letter as one of Stephen VI. S. Baron, SRH, 4:260, n. 60, suggests that it might have been written by Stephen V or Stephen VI, and other scholars see its as even see origin later; Princedom, p. 52, n. 8. 6. P. Carbonel, Histoire de Narbonne (Narbonne, 1954), p. 112. 48 JEREMYCOHEN laborers,possibly issued to many dioceses and includedbut once in the papal register? "'It is possible, though, that the phrase "his...

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