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J. Stalin Works (July 1930 - January 1934, Volume 13)

In this interval the Bolshevik celebration engaging in the coverage of a sweeping offensive of socialism alongside the total entrance completed epoch making successes within the socialist transformation of the rustic. The soviet union grew to become a amazing commercial strength a rustic of collective huge scale mechanised agriculture.

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BOOK XXXVI understand. This being so, it is incumbent upon me to set forth in simple fashion and with frankness what I know to be for the good of the state ; and it is only fair for afterwards. perhaps fail you to listen calmly and then deliberate For, if you raise an uproar, you will to receive some useful suggestion which you might have heard but if you pay attention to what is said, you will be sure to discover something definitely to your advantage. I, for my part, assert first and foremost that it is not proper to entrust to any one man so many positions of command one after another.

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