Advances in quantum chemistry. / Volume 3 by Per-Olov (Editor); Lowdin

By Per-Olov (Editor); Lowdin

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As large n values improve the wave function at the off-center nuclei, it would seem that the energy contribution from this part of the wave function is only important when one is seeking very high accuracy, as in the H2+ case. Also, the importance of satisfying the cusp conditions at these off-center nuclei will depend on the molecule being treated; it is obviously less important for HF, where most of the charge is on the fluorine and not near the proton, than for H z + , where most of the charge is on the proton.

A CH4 NH4 ", ? + Aand C" Bishopb Obs. A and C' Bishopd Obs. A and c" Bishopb Obs. 842 2 CI 5 P R E k (a4 (au) (rnd/A) xr (10-6cm3/mole) axx(10 -24cm3). l E a Albasiny and Cooper (1963a,b). * Bishop (1963b) Albasiny and Cooper (1961). Bishop (1963a). Polarizabilities as corrected in Albasiny and Cooper (1963b). a 40 David M. Bishop in good agreement with Howell and Shull (1959) and other workers (see Part B of this section). For the excited states, as one might expect, the results were even better and effectively exact.

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