Advances in lipid research. Vol.22, 1987 by Rodolfo Paoletti; David Kritchevsky

By Rodolfo Paoletti; David Kritchevsky

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These workers also investigated the kinetics and cofactor requirements of the synthetic system in some detail. Kolattukudy et al. (1985) also studied the incorporation of radioactively labeled acetate by isolated bovine meibomian glands, including the distribution of radioactivity in different lipid classes, and the chain lengths within these classes, using TLC and radio-GLC. They found 61 % of the total label in WE and SE fractions, distributed equally between acid and alcohol moieties. In WE, the major labeled acids were a-Cis, n-C16, a-C17, and n-C18 : 1, and the major alcohols were a-C23, a-C25, and a-C27 with significant amounts also of i-C24 and i-C26.

In this, the chamber is replaced by an open cell with two humidity sensors a fixed distance apart. The difference in humidity recorded over this distance gives the gradient of partial pressure of water vapor arising from evaporation at the corneal surface; using Fick's law of diffusion, the rate of mass transfer of water is calculated and displayed electronically. A mean value of 87 g/m2/hour was obtained for normal human eyes, and 41 g/m2/hour for rabbits. When converted to more convenient units, the rabbit figure is roughly comparable to that found by both Mishima and Maurice (1961) and Iwata et al.

In these goggle experiments no attempt was made to limit blinking during the measuring period, and correction was made for water evaporating from skin within the goggle area (5-13% of total). A goggle method was also used by Rolando and Refojo (1983), but in this case previously conditioned air was pumped in a closed loop through the goggle, and the increase in relative humidity measured in the closed system after 1 minute without blinking. Exposed skin within the goggle was coated with soft paraffin to eliminate evaporation.

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