Administering Elections: How American Elections Work by Kathleen Hale, Robert Montjoy, Mitchell Brown

By Kathleen Hale, Robert Montjoy, Mitchell Brown

Administering Elections offers a digest of latest American election management utilizing a structures point of view. The authors supply perception into the interconnected nature of all elements of elections management, and sheds like at the capability effects of reforms that fail to account for this.

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Procedures vary somewhat across states and localities. Each of the pre-election blocks represents a subsystem of interrelated activities that involve multiple actors. By actors, we mean the collection of different institutions, offices, and departments that engage in election administration activities and the individuals who work there. All subsystems except alternative voting (last block in the figure) converge at the polling place on the day of an election. Early voting (in person or by Before election day Election day After election day Registration Registration Poll officials Precincts and polling places Polling place operations Ballots Counting Audit Certification Contest?

Election officials are concerned that this information is often incomplete or incorrect. Social media allow information to spread rapidly, whether correct or not. Election officials find that they must be both proactive and reactive: proactive to share needed information, and reactive to offset incomplete or inaccurate messages that could affect voters’ rights or election outcomes. 1 Today citizens at least 18 years of age who meet state residency requirements are eligible with a few exceptions. State and federal laws govern eligibility, but the process of registering voters involves election officials and numerous other parties.

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