ACI 318-14 Building Code Requirements for Structural by ACI committee 318

By ACI committee 318

ACI 318-14 construction Code necessities for Structural Concrete and Commentary


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Contraction joint—formed, sawed, or tooled groove in a concrete structure to create a weakened plane and regu- COMMENTARY concrete, normalweight—Normalweight concrete typically has a density (unit weight) between 135 and 160 lb/ft3, and is normally taken as 145 to 150 lb/ft3. concrete, plain—The presence of reinforcement (nonprestressed or prestressed) does not exclude the member from being classified as plain concrete. concrete, prestressed—The term “prestressed concrete” includes members with unbonded tendons or bonded prestressing reinforcement.

Columns used as part of a lateral-force-resisting system resist combined axial load, moment, and shear. See also moment frame. column capital—enlargement of the top of a concrete column located directly below the slab or drop panel that is cast monolithically with the column. compliance requirements—construction-related code requirements directed to the contractor to be incorporated into construction documents by the licensed design professional, as applicable. composite concrete flexural members—concrete flexural members of precast or cast-in-place concrete elements, constructed in separate placements but connected so that all elements respond to loads as a unit.

Reinforcement, supplementary—reinforcement that acts to restrain the potential concrete breakout but is not designed to transfer the design load from the anchors into the structural member. 5 consisting of two layers of deformed bars at right angles to each other welded at the intersections. 7. Seismic Design Category—classification assigned to a structure based on its occupancy category and the severity of the design earthquake ground motion at the site, as defined by the general building code.

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