A Newer Wilderness by Roseanne Carrara

By Roseanne Carrara

In Roseanne Carrara's "A more moderen Wilderness", the world's wealthy and compelling prior buckles and swells underneath our ft, and its abiding effect rises like geothermal steam into the current. strong voices from historical past and legend factor forth and mingle with our normal, circadian atmosphere. those poems serve to remind us that our destiny don't need to rate us our prior, that our capability for mind needn't lessen our uncomplicated humanity, and that civilisations don't need to be equipped on the fee of the ordinary setting within which they thrive.

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They appear alienated from one another. Though only a quick diffidence is allowed before they are lost in a bombing – more dreadful because its sound is muted in the excitement over the end of the war. All this is supposed to sore trumpet again when we are told the reunion itself is a sham. It has never happened, the lovers coming together, at last, not their dying together, either. This last bit, as it turns out, is just the villain’s therapeutic, part of the new trauma revealed to us in the epilogue.

All unsettled there, he knows, nature buzzes and stings. And, on his new front porch, cutting somewhat of a minor figure, he might just allow himself, he says, the muscles in his arms pumped as he turns out his new, acoustic bass, to think the birds cried out to meet him there in his authority. — 33 — ANNOTATIONS ON YOUR PASTORAL, SUMMER It’s true. There is some heaven or delight in this hot landscape, though the gods of love and war have not descended. They never do. Those voices you hear behind the patch of trees are only investors bidding on a piece of land they’re going to improve.

But this is all thinking in general. This far, there have been no serious accidents, no grave cases. And that steel will hold for ages per the architect’s design, despite the film of rust that can be seen along its sides. ’ – Matthew 27:19 From my husband, I learned a little something of duty, and he caught something from me in return. A shock of hair and feathers shuttled along the floor beside our breakfast table yesterday as he spoke, still, low, about his own, about the cleansing of hands, the newly irrigated fields down the river, spread with dead or deprogrammed fish, and the new annex to the city, a calendar of homes already sinking into the sand.

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