A New Latin Syntax by E. C. Woodcock

By E. C. Woodcock

This booklet begun as a sequence of notes on Latin syntax drafted on the request of Professor W. H. Semple of Manchester for the aim of standardizing the instructing to the varied sections of the then huge Intermediate category. those notes were supplemented by way of sections of extra complicated dialogue drawn from lectures on old Latin syntax to Honours sessions.

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Porto 11. laboro 13. pugno 15. ambulo incola Europa agricola via 30 LATIN MADE SIMPLE No. 21. 1. Make a list of all six Latin cases and give the use of each. 2. Give the complete declension of these phrases, with the English meaning of each form, including the vocative case: insula lata, the wide island insulae latae, of the wide island via longa, the long road viae longae, of the long road 3. Give the complete present tense of these verbs, with the English meaning of each form. laboro, I work; I am working; I do work laudo, I praise; I am praising; I do praise sum, I am Reading The author of this hymn is unknown, but it was composed in the seventeenth century and translated by Frederick Oakley in the nineteenth century.

Par_ _ m 12. st_ _ t 7. cur_ _m 3. proper_ _ nt 8. ador_ _mus 13. man_ _nt 9 . loc_ _s 14. man _ _s 5. tim_ _t 10. d _ _tis 15. vid_ _ mus tense: 16. hab _ _s 17. port_ _ tis 18. iuv_ _t 19. voc_ _t 20. tim _ _mus No. 48. Give the English for the following: 1. monstrabat 7. erat 2 . voco 8. pugnatis 3. paramus 9. properabam 4 . regnabatis 10. videbant 5. debebas 11. laudabatis 6. timetis 12. portatis 13. ibamus 14. poteram 15. manemus 16. oppugnabas 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. No. 49. Translate these phrases and clauses: 1.

Cur 3. male 4. ad 3. cum 4. e, ex Prepositions 1. a, ab 5. in Conjunctions 1. et 2. quod Practice Exercises No. 18 Give the correct form of these adjectives, with th eir nouns: Example: aquam (pulchra), aquam pulchram 1. Europam (antiqua) 5 . insular urn (multa) 2. aquae (pulchra) 6. terra (Romana) 3. silvis (parva) 7. filias (bona) 4 . stellas (clara) 8. farnam (mala) 9. puellarum (pulchra) 10. incolis (multa) No. 19; Give the genitive and gender of these nouns: Example: casa, casae, f. 1. casa 5 .

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