A Grammar of Wardaman: A Language of the Northern Territory by Merlan, Francesca C.

By Merlan, Francesca C.

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Note the recurrent nominal formative suffix -man in jorrerrngman 'kingfisher', jornman 'freckled duck', etc. These are not productive derivations, however. 5. Syllable and word shape Syllable shapes CV and CVC(C) are the most common, the full form of the latter found, for example, in words such as those illustrated above with a triple cluster across morpheme boundary, where the syllable boundary occurs between CVCC and following C, gaygSbarla. ). , yi$gle 'putrid flesh'), and lo$wa$glo$wa 'play' (often with some reduction of the glides).

The early period of initial "contact" with Europeans, here as in the Victoria River District generally, had been one of considerable violence. An atmosphere had been created, and persisted, in which the Aborigines could not be at all confident of the benevolence of Europeans. For their part, the European station personnel seem to have been mainly concerned with the Aborigines as workers (and to some extent, with the women as sexual partners). They made little attempt to create comfortable conditions in the Aboriginal camps — indeed, living conditions in the camp at Willeroo were very poor through the 1970s, the last period during which Aborigines lived there in numbers and for extended periods.

We will consider the lamino-palatal lateral first, since its distribution, however analyzed, is especially restricted Then we will return to questions of the statement of distribution that apply to both lateral and nasal palatal segments. The lamino-palatal lateral (unlike the nasal) never occurs in stem- or word-initial position, and its occurrence medially (excluding, for the moment, intervocalically) and 18 Chapter 2 finally is quite restricted, both lexically and positionally. The following includes all instances of medial (save intervocalic) and final ly found in a list of approximately 2000 (mostly lexical) roots (excluding names of all sorts, personal, toponymic and other): bedelybedeyl bilyb(a) bilybanbilyban dilygba ally gun dilyma ganyjayl gilywaj jalybug jilyma milygbilygba wily ma wilyma yarrbayl 'hit all over, flog' 'switch, swish long object over' (esp.

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