A Grammar of Misantla Totonac: Studies in Indigenous by Carolyn Mackay

By Carolyn Mackay

The Totonac-Tepehua language kin, although typologically just like another Mesoamerican languages, has no longer but been validated to be regarding the other language kinfolk. Misantla Totonac is the southernmost number of Totonac and is spoken within the quarter among Xalapa, the capital of Veracruz, Mexico and Misantla, Veracruz. In 1974, a newly paved highway attached Xalapa and Misantla bringing a comparatively remoted quarter into touch with mainstream Mexican language and tradition. accordingly, Misantla Totonac isn't any longer bought as a primary language via the neighborhood youngsters and is swiftly being changed through Spanish. A GRAMMAR OF MISANTLA TOTONAC offers the phonological constitution of the language and the most efficient morphological methods. It describes inflection and derivation of all significant notice periods (verbs, nominals, and statives) intimately. It introduces grammatical contract and be aware order phenomena, and offers the main salient and critical facets of Misantla Totonac grammar. even though numerous Totonac-Tepehua grammars exist in Spanish, this can be the one released grammar of the Totonac-Tepehua language kinfolk presently to be had in English. Winner of the once a year Society for the research of Indigenous Languages of the Americas (SSILA) booklet Award, this marks the 3rd quantity to be released within the sequence. "The fabric awarded this is key to any destiny paintings in reconstructing the proto-language. . . .[It] is an important contribution to either common linguistics in addition to to Mesoamerican stories. -James Watters, summer season Institute of Linguistics

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