A Dictionary of Egyptian Arabic by Martin Hinds, El-Said Badawi

By Martin Hinds, El-Said Badawi

The simplest dictionary of its style. Idioms, instance sentences in unique transcription, illustrations within the again. This dictionary is meant to fulfill a longstanding want at the a part of audio system of English for a dictionary with which to understand Egyptian Arabic. The language defined here's primarily spoken language and, as such, it can be contrasted with formal written language.
Арабско-английский словарь. Слова, идиомы, дублирование произношения латиницей. Иллюстрации касаются арабской специфики - музыкальные инструменты, одежда, орнаменты и т.д.

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Ric acid. ,i rurneek In pI raraniikl I printed form, blank form. II rurneek zanb [mil} punishment. 2 (dress) pattern. 3 [print} matrix. 4 [eng} template. ,) rarw (also ~arw) Inl[bot} oak. ,) rarawla InI chrysanthemum. ) .. ~) rarya I InI[soccer} goal area. xatt il-rarya the line demarcating the goal area. razutt InI [obsol} azote, nitrogen. )J .. )j! l;araatllongwrapper,loin cloth (used particularly during the pilgrimage to Mecca). , skirting-board, decorative groove between wall surface and ceiling surface).

H ritra/fi/lvil to grumble, express anger, displeasure or disgust. socii ra/andi In pi -yya. ra/andiyyaatl I Egyptian man in western clothes. 2 title of. and form of address or reference to. an Egyptian man from the middle class. rafaad ra/andi ... Mr. Rashad. ya-/andi Sir! ya ra/andi or ya ra/andii-na a pompous and condescending form of the preceding. ril- ra/andi btaar;-i my husband. II ra/andii-na title of the former Khedives of Egypt. 3 title of. and form of address or reference to, a school-teacher.

I • ~ i ru/uq 1 In pi ra/aaqll horizon. ra/aaq biliida distant horizons. 2 range of vision. II raagil waasil il- ru/uq a tolerant (broad-minded) man. - raxuu ru/uq-u dayyatj his brother is narrow-minded. ~i ru/uqi, ru/qiT ladjl horizontal. J~i raffaaq1 In *1 swindler. ,;-\5""; i ravukaatu (also ravukaadu I) In pi ravukatiyya. ravukadiyyal lawyer, advocate. - also rabukaatu. rabukaadu. i. ,;i ravukaadu 1 Icoll nl avocado tree(s). avocado pear(s). - also rabukaadu. ,; i ravukaduhaaya In pi -aatl an avocado pear.

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