A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar by Makino Seiichi

By Makino Seiichi

The acclaimed, best-selling jap grammar dictionary sequence now entire! A Dictionary of complex jap Grammar, the 3rd quantity within the widely-acclaimed, bestselling jap grammar dictionary sequence, is designed to introduce scholars of eastern to advanced-level jap grammar expressions and aid them deepen their knowing of the serious and sophisticated adjustments in that means and utilization among the objective expressions and different synonymous expressions.

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This class would involve the lexical representation {P,N}, simple combination of the two features. Anderson (2004a) suggests for ‘contentive languages’ the basic system given in (7): (7) Notionally based classes in a contentive system a. Functional categories: Functor ¼ { } Determinative ¼ {N} Operative ¼ {P} Implementation of a notional grammar 33 b. Lexical categories: Contentive ¼ {P,N} The distinction between lexical and functional categories remains clear, however. Notice that we are not saying that such languages lack the syntactic categories ‘verbal’ and ‘nominal’, but merely that there is an absence (if the issue is decided that way) of a word-class diVerence between verb and noun (cf.

We thus have both a syntactic and a lexical mechanism for satisfying (14). Lexical redundancies like (14) and (15) add to the basic categorization of an item properties that they (redundantly) either must or may possess. (15) associates {P;N}, optionally, with a ‘derived’ Wnite form. In like manner, determinatives may be ‘converted’ into functors, and nouns into determinatives by such inter-categorial redundancies, as formulated in (16) and (17), respectively: (16) {N} ⇔ { } | {N} ⇔ {N} | {N;P} (17) {N;P} These redundancies allow for where the presence of the functional category is not expressed by a separate word, but by aYx or positionally, as in (5b–c) and (10b/d) respectively.

Each of the categories in (6a–b) is lexicalized in English: that is, each represents a distinct word class. In some languages there is no adjective word class, and this reXects the complexity (markedness) of the representation of adjectives, which is if anything more evident in (6) than in (3). 4). In terms of the notation of (6) this is again expressed by the complexity of the representation of adjectives, which are the only category there to involve two asymmetrical combinations, {P;N} and {N;P}.

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