3,7-cm- Panzerjaegerkanone by Fleischer Wolfgang

By Fleischer Wolfgang

3,7-cm- Panzerjaegerkanone КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Издательство: Podzun-Pallas-VerlagСерия: Waffen-Arsenal 169Автор(ы): Wolfgang FleischerЯзык: GermanГод издания: 1997Количество страниц: 52ISBN: 3-7909-0619-0Формат: pdf (200 dpi) 1600x2310Размер: 37.6 mb RapidIfolder sixty eight

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This method does not offer much clarity because the location of the information in the record is not predictable. , diagnostic imaging, clinical chemistry, histology). This leads to the occurrence in the record of independent packages of information within which a chronological order is followed. With this method the information is usually quite easy to retrieve but the motivation for gathering it, the underlying relationships, and the thereby associated conclusions can be difficult to reconstruct in a large package of information.

History, including the iatrotropic problem physical examination formulation of the problem(s) Physical examination History On the general history form the owner can answer a number of questions in advance, for example in the Respiratory movements type O costo-abdominal Fig. 13 38 waiting room or even at home if the referring veterinarian provides the form. In the left column are the answers which require the attention of the veterinarian. The forms of various specialties begin with an additional history.

The use of forms (on paper or on screen) for the history, examination, and treatment facilitates working in such a manner. These forms can also be used as the template for a report. It is even possible to work up different problems on one form. If after completing a given part of the examination another problem must be taken up, that point of decision can be indicated on the form by referring to a continuation page which may or may not be included in the same form (for an example see the form for Chapter 23 on the DVD).

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